Copper Services

Copper Services is a recognized provider of global audio and web conferencing solutions. Supported by more personal attention and with a complete line audio and web conferencing solutions, you and your customers are in good hands.

Copper supports over 4,000 customers that generate 20+ million minutes of audio conferencing each month. Our customers range from the small to medium-sized business to the large enterprises. Our team with years of experience in the conference calling industry drives Copper Conferencing’s strategy and day-to-day business operations. We have invested considerable resources to automate the entire conferencing experience including a sophisticated online account management system, online training, and automated call technology to ensure your customers success.

With audio and web services available under no commitment and with NO hidden fees you can truly maximize your customers cost saving objectives.

Our Philosophy

Copper Services operates with a value system that is focused on putting our customers first. Customers of Copper can expect that the company will:

  • Be easy to do business with
  • Have a point of contact that you know and is easy to reach
  • Allow customers access to their account information online
  • Not require a contract
  • Not add hidden fees to your invoice
  • Not charge for items that should be free
  • Respect and value you and your customers
  • Recognize your customers have a choice

Our Services

Copper Services offers a suite of technology that enables sized businesses to create and manage virtual events, hold online meetings and connect to business content and professional education. All of Copper’s technologies integrate to manage and deliver exceptional online experiences helping businesses getting noticed and creating revenue from a wide audience of business consumers.