GlobalMeet vs. Zoom: Integrations & Security

The need for flexible solutions for remote work and collaboration is growing.

Businesses distributed in countries all across the globe need access to tools that will allow them to interact with their colleagues, complete crucial tasks, and even meet from a distance. That’s where solutions like GlobalMeet and Zoom come in.

Zoom is a market leader in the video conferencing landscape, offering HD video to those that need instant face-to-face conversations. Zoom’s simplicity and ease of use make it an ideal choices for colleagues and contractors alike.

Alternatively, GlobalMeet by PGi is one of the market leaders in offering sensational voice connections and a user-friendly collaboration interface.

Here’s your insight into both offerings.


Another bonus of GlobalMeet, is that you don’t need to dial into a meeting, you can set your system up to call you and the participants that you want to meet with. This could make it a lot easier to remind your people of when they’re due to get together for a call. GlobalMeet can also help you set up conferences if you’re meeting with a large number of people, with professional assistance from a specialist.

GlobalMeet vs. Zoom: Integrations & Security

Zoom provides encryption at multiple levels, although it has had a few issues in the past with security. However, the brand is striving to deliver an excellent experience going forward through everything from granular meeting controls, to HIPAA compliance. GlobalMeet also has a heavy focus on reliability and security. The company provides forward-thinking security straight from PGI, as well as recording and storage features for compliance. The GlobalMeet library is protected by full encryption, and you have plenty of control with your communications too. You can even block video feeds on your network completely.