Private Label Streaming


Any webinar we would produce for a client, especially during these restrictive times, would include video, audio, web, text, call in, Q&A, recording, branding and other marketing features.  AMG offers, in addition to several excellent brand name choices, a private label option.  In addition to our full-service webcasting platform, AMG can offer a cloud-based, conference management platform providing everything you need to organize a conference, either live, virtual, or as a hybrid, including:

  • Customized Registration flow
  • Payment Processing
  • Interactive live and pre-recorded presentations for audio, slides and video
  • Management and hosting of presentation slides
  • Moderated presentation
  • 1×1 virtual video meeting
  • Scheduling tools for 1×1 meetings
  • Agenda build and management
  • Support before, during and after the event
  • Onboarding and support

Pricing will vary based on supplier, volume & features selected.  Security is a high priority feature for us and everyone we work with. All carriers are not created with equal strengths. If you’re looking for security and credibility in large scale webcasting, such as a major IR call or a virtual convention, contact us.  We’ll schedule a demo, at your convenience, to assist you in choosing the solution that’s best suited to your needs.

Just let us know how we can best be of service.