5 Innovative Ways to Screen Share During Your Online Meeting

Why is it that attendees of online meetings seem to forget about the ability to screen share? While it is often used for training, or to show a specific page or document, there are numerous other ways to help provide better clarity and collaboration through screen sharing.

Visual stimulation makes experiences more memorable and more persuasive. Taking a few extra minutes to make presentations and meetings more visual can result in a more memorable and productive meeting. Here’s a few ways screen sharing can help.

1. Visual Brainstorming

If your remote team needs a good brainstorming session, think of screen sharing as a virtual whiteboard! Seeing ideas as they’re discussed can spark better collaboration and you might be surprised by the collaborative team spirit this tactic inspires.

2. Customer Onboarding

New customers are bound to have a few questions while getting up and running. Foster your relationship with them by preemptively addressing any new customers’ confusion. It doesn’t need to be mandatory, but your less tech-savvy customers will appreciate the option and you’ll then be able to prevent early frustrations before they start. As a bonus, you’ll also get valuable feedback on your product’s user experience.

3. Visual Analysis

When people see numbers changing in real time, it makes the data more interesting. Use screen sharing to create a lasting memory by sharing live data visualization.

For example, cybersecurity standards are notoriously hard to communicate and enforce. However, showing a real-time visualization of websites hacked today can better drives home the importance of strong website security.

4. Collaborative Decision-Making

Creative teams may need to decide on images, slogans, colors, formats, and other brand assets for a future campaign. When various options are sent to team members via email, it can be hard to get clear and decisive feedback.

Showing each option and allowing for collaborative feedback will help ensure everyone is on the same page and has the opportunity to voice their thoughts.

5. Encourage Accountability

Again, visuals make memories. It sounds simple, but seeing your name be assigned to a task on-screen can reinforce your ownership. Capitalize on this by creating task lists during a screen share session.

Visual Power

Screen sharing is a popular tool, but many people don’t harness its power in creative ways. When you apply it effectively, screen sharing can do a lot to catalyze focus and increase productivity. Remember these tips for your next online meeting to use it to its full potential.