Hosted PBX

How Hosted PBX Can Save Enterprises Time & Money

As the size of a business increases, expenses like phones and voicemail systems for each employee can become grow exponentially. Enter Hosted PBX, which is one way leading enterprises deal with these issues. Some of the advantages Hosted PBX can offer the enterprise include worldwide access to voicemails, ease and affordability of setup, and access to upgraded features and functionalities.

Hosted PBX: What It Is and How It Saves Money

A hosted PBX, or private branch exchange, is a cloud-based alternative to traditional phone and voicemail systems. With hosted PBX, your team can use the popular features and functions of any multi-line phone and voicemail system, but needs a smaller financial commitment and a shorter implementation time.

In addition to installation, hosted voicemail can also have ongoing costs due to the maintenance required, but not hosted PBX. Hosted PBX means having a dedicated team of experts to address these problems – instead of having in-house IT employees attempt to troubleshoot issues.

Easy Access & Use

Hosted PBX is made to be intuitive and easy to use, which means your team can begin using a hosted PBX right away from any location. This virtual accessibility allows employees to access messages from home or any remote location, which helps keep downtime to a minimum. It also provides a backup plan in the event of inclement weather or a natural disaster that prevents team members from physically coming into the office.

Valuable Advanced Features

In addition, many hosted PBX services include added business-critical features – like the ability to transfer calls, make conference calls, play hold music or activate an after-hours message at the end of the day.

Looking to trade your in-office phone system for a hosted (or cloud) PBX that’s managed by experts? Consider UCaaS as an easy to use and affordable solution.