A whole new way to get together using your phone, video and personality.


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Welcome to your iMeet room.

iMeet RoomYour own personal meeting room online. Talk through your computer from anywhere in the world. Or connect to any phone or mobile device at no extra charge. Invite guests – up to 15 at a time, even in video. It’s free for them. No downloads or headaches. Let’s get together.

See everyone.

iMeet® puts a face with the name. Guests can see you. And of course, you can see them too.

Know who’s talking.

No more staring at the speakerphone with a puzzled gaze. When someone talks in iMeet, their cube glows green.

Learn about people.

Find common ground beyond the business chatter. Just click on someone’s cube to see their bio, pics and all that social networking stuff.

Learn About People

Show your stuff.

Email videos, photos or presentation materials to your iMeet room. Like magic, they’re ready to go when it’s time to wow the crowd.

No Software or Downloads.

Getting together has never been easier. We swear. Just enter your personal iMeet web address and go. Simple.


Forget dial-in numbers and passcodes.

iMeet calls you and your guests. Or if you prefer, connect with your computer headset from anywhere in the world.


From PGi, a leading innovator of software and services that enable real-time virtual meetings. 20 years as a market leader. 4 million meetings and 15 million guests every month. Recognized as a top Channel Program with unparalleled meeting expertise, dedicated partner management and a full suite of global communication solutions.

Contact AMG Systems today about your iMeet 30 day Free Trial!